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Vinyl Signage Vs Banner Mesh, What is Best?

When you talk about low-cost advertising solutions, what usually crop up in the conversations are your banner mesh and the vinyl signage. There is no contest on this point; compared with other advertising options, these two can offer companies and advertisers cost-effective answers in delivering the message. Usually just at a fraction of costs of the usual Television advertisements and neon ads, the banners and signage offers solutions to advertisers working on a tight budget. But if there comes a point in time where one must choose between these two cheap options, then what’s the best bet for the outdoors? In order to make the proper selection, of course it’s important that one knows the benefits of having each of these advertising solutions.

Vinyl signage as a cost-effective outdoor advertising platform

For sure you have noticed the common banners hoisted over malls and shops. The materials are a bit shiny, thicker than the normal fabric and the printed texts stand-out more. These are your signs made from vinyl and the most common selection for those wanting to have a creative shot at advertising their products and services. The materials used for this type of signage are called vinyl or PVC. And traditionally, this is often heavier than the usual fabric that is used in the usual advertisements. The lightest of this material often weigh 9 ounces.

Mesh banner signage on the other hand is often used as a stronger and durable alternative to the other signage. This is best for the outdoors, and does wonders in blocking the wind. The reason for this is that the material used for the banner mesh is stronger even though the two are almost of the same thickness. This is best as well in managing wind and soil erosion because of the presence of tiny holes that allow for wind to pass through it. For this reason, a mesh is more appropriate on construction sites. But if you are thinking of securing a building or an activity area, then the vinyl signage will do the trick. Leading suppliers like adpHence offer photo-quality prints thus making the signage a perfect advertising medium. And since this is almost always designed to be UV-stabilized and fire-retardant, using this signage for the outdoors is also recommended.

If you think that the photo-quality feature of the vinyl signage works best for your activity area, then why not call a leading supplier like adpHence at (07) 5571 5711. When you call you get free quotes and suggestions as well as to how you can maximize that signage.

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