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What are the different types of Printing?

Printing has come a long way since the first letter press invented by Gutenberg way back in the fifteenth century. The advances in the printing technology have revolutionised the advertising industry which has found a convenient and effective tool to communicate with their prospects. The dexterity and appeal that can be incorporated into the ad campaigns has increased due to availability of different printing techniques which has also cut down the expenses. We shall now see the different types of printing available which include-

Type # 1: Digital Printing
Digital printing involves printing your electronic file without use of inks or films. These high speed operations enable mass production of ad pamphlets, embossing on ad apparel and plastic relatively easy with considerable savings in cost. They can be customised to suit your particular taste with the end result which is both satisfactory and appealing.

Type # 2: Screen Printing and Vinyl Banner
This is cost effective with zero maintenance costs with long lasting nature that is used globally with great results. However you have to prepare artwork before commencement of work which may take time to get the approval of the clients.

Type # 3: Engraving
This method is ideal for printing business stationary in which the letters are raised by application of heat which produces a distinctive appeal. You can feel the letters printed on the business cards and office stationary.

Type # 4: Reprographics
This is a pure copying service in which all your documents can be copied into as many copies as required. These machines are useful for offices where quite a number of documents are handled everyday.

Type # 5: Offset lithography
This has revolutionised the printing industry and has enabled the process of large volumes easier. The cost of production is drastically reduced as it requires no ink or films and the set up time is minimal.

Type # 6: Flexography
This is suitable for printing on packaging products like price labels, cardboard boxes, plastic bottles and cartons useful in sales activities.

The flexibility and the skill available in the printing industry have made the task of advertising easier which can be used effectively to capture the hearts of your customers.

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