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Super-Sized Skins Vs Billboard Advertising

In the pursuit of getting the attention of people in an urban area, companies and advertisers are always on their guard looking for ways to outwit the other. The competition can be seen in a number of areas. And one such area where companies and marketers are trying to outdo each other is in terms of the advertising platform used in delivering the message. As always, television spots are considered by many as the go-to option if the intent is to reach the most number of people at a short time. The problem with this is that this comes at an extra cost. This is good on a regular basis for the bigger companies on the block. But what about those mid-sized firms wanting to get big in the market, what could be their advertising options? There’s still hope, and hope can be realized in the form of outdoor advertising solutions. Think of banners, billboards and big wraps otherwise known as super-sized skins.

When to use billboards

Of all these advertising options, perhaps the most common to the public are the billboards. These are common fixtures in the cityscape, often populating the busiest intersections in many cities. When you say billboards, then these refer to the large advertisements that are meant to entice pedestrians and drivers. These are often chosen in an advertising campaign if the company and the advertiser would want to reach out to a good number of people, often even a few hundred meters from the actual site where these billboards are posted. And in most cases, most billboards will carry witty slogans and arresting visuals.

Use super-sized skins if you want a grand attention to the products offered

But if the objective of the advertiser is to get the best buzz and attention in the block then for sure the super-sized skins will do the trick. These are simply banners that are wrapped around the building so that no matter where the pedestrian is standing, still he can see the advertisement or the announcement from afar. There is a science in the making and the installation of these skins in order to get the best results. So the as always, the suggestion is to rely on a good provider. Good thing there are reputable suppliers like adpHence that offer good-looking and durable super-sized skins. Don’t rely on the usual; go with adpHence by calling (07) 5571 5711 and be treated to a tough and technology-intensive building wrap and skin. You not only get quality skins that are UV-stabilised, rather you get free assistance even at the start as they offer free quotations.

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