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Successful Outdoor Advertising Campaign

What makes successful outdoor advertising campaign? If you ask some of the leading names and practitioners in the industry, they will say that it’s all about raising the brand awareness. This means that the brand recall for the product or the service is high. And even by just looking at the sign or the logo, the consumers can easily relate to the product or service. And in the long run patronizes these products and services.

Or some would say it’s about the bottom line, meaning if the sales have increased then you can say that what they have undertaken is a successful outdoor advertising campaign. And in order to make that happen, there are elements that should be kept in mind. In the world of advertising, these are known as the reach and the frequency. These two terms are linked to a successful outdoor advertising campaign. Reach, meaning the advertisements should reach the targeted clients. And frequency, because you have to make sure that your pitches stays in the head of the consumers at all times. These two concepts that ensure the success of an advertising campaign are evident in the following successful campaigns:

Adidas 2006 World Cup Campaign

Adidas has produced a number of memorable advertising campaigns. But there is one ad campaign that literally jumps out from the rest. This is the campaign by Adidas for the World Cup of 2006. The shoe and apparel company unveiled a soccer player stretching over to the road. Thanks to this campaign, the awareness for the Cup has increased and raised the stock of Adidas as well.

…and ‘Impossible is Nothing’ advert

And can a sports fan ever forget the advertisement with the tag line ‘Impossible is Nothing’? This is an interesting ad campaign that not only helped Adidas come up with a good tag in the market, but this also helped a good number of athletes and consumers realize their true worth and potential.

McDonalds billboard commercials and campaigns

McDonalds is a global brand, recognized by billions. And remember their tag line, billions served? This has stuck with the brand thanks to a series of successful outdoor advertising campaign. One excellent showcase of the company’s creativity is their ‘Pancake-o-clock’. This is one creative sundial that instead of pointing to the hours, the sundial presented the different food items in the menu of the fast food.

These are just a sampling of what billboards, banners and sign wraps can do for outdoor advertising and for the company in general. So now is the perfect time to call adpHence. They offer help when it comes to advertising and by calling them at (07) 5571 5711 you get free advices and quotes on your printed chain wire fencing.

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