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Screen Printed Advertising- A Cheap Alternative

Screen printed advertising is preferred by most of the companies and individuals globally due to their cost effective nature. Moreover they have a long lasting nature that cuts down your replacement costs and the recurring costs are minimal. We shall now see why and where screen printed advertising is used and their beneficial features that include-

Method # 1:
Most of the businesses use screen printed promotional items like key chains, pen stands, display boards etc to increase their brand image and awareness. The screen printed materials remain on the surface they are printed for longer duration of time which helps to imprint the brand advertised on them permanently. You can observe all the companies or individuals resorting to this type of advertising in our daily lives.

Method # 2:
Screen printed vinyl banners are effective in displaying the message and logo of the companies from a distance. This enables to catch the attention of all the viewers whether the banners are placed indoors or outdoors. However care must be exercised to use appropriate colors that are colorful and appealing. They are particularly useful to advertise on highways where the traffic is high and the banner when designed innovatively initiates definite reaction from all the viewers. Some vinyl banners are also visible in dark by the use of fluorescent inks that invokes attention at all times of the day.

Method # 3:
Screen printed office stationary and business cards have a lasting appeal on the recipients of those material. You can print with attractive captions that will remain etched in the minds of the viewers and enhances the brand recall. Screen printed advertising boards when mounted on strategic points provide the best return of investment as they remain in pristine condition for long period even under harsh outdoor conditions.

Method # 4:
Screen printed apparel like T-shirts, Hats and Caps are used as freebies for promoting brands and products which provide mobile advertising for the brands and enable the brand to reach out to all classes of customers and penetrate the market effortlessly.

The suitability and dexterity of screen printed advertising can be skillfully used by you to gain maximum mileage for your products.

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