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How to Save Thousands in Advertising/Marketing Fees With Signs

When designed properly, signs can be very effective.  They are big, bold and colorful.  Their advertising message is projected in a clean and simple way, and they utilize attractive graphics to make a point.  Signs are also affordable compared to other advertising mediums.  If constructed well, signs are durable and can be used repeatedly.  You are able to reach large and diverse crowds of people by using signs, and your message is available day and night.  Talk about exposure!


Compare that to a radio ad.  Radio commercials are like background noise.  People no longer sit by the firelight to listen to the radio like they did in years past.  Today, they turn it on in the car, for example.  Ads generally last for 30 to 60 seconds while individuals are doing other important things (such as driving).  Also, if they miss vital details, like the name of the company or the phone number to call for product information, they’re out of luck.  There’s no rewind function on a radio.  Exposure is limited and listeners must wait for another short blast in order to get additional information.

Similarly, live television ads can be engaging, but they are temporary.  Unless you record your show or have an on demand viewing package, the short advertising message is lost.  Radio ads are expensive, but TV advertising is even more so due to art, production and broadcasting costs.  Depending on the location, prices can run in the thousands of dollars for preferred spots and they are often sold out in advance.

Think smart and simple!  Outdoor signs can save you thousands of dollars in Advertising and Marketing Fees!

Let AdpHence help you get the word out.  We will work with you to create beautiful and high-quality banners that will suit your needs.  If you want a FREE quote or more information, visit us online at https://www.adphence.com.au/products/bannerphence-printed-mesh.  You can also contact us by phone at 1300-765-767.  We aim to please.  Give us a try!


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