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PVC-Coated Mesh, A Great Outdoor Advertising Product

If you are looking to position your services and products, then you’ll be happy to note that the market is now home to a number of cheap advertising. From banners to fence fabric pieces, you can be sure that the right fit will be available for your products and services. All these banners deliver the same advertising messages without paying a premium for its production and display. From these banners, one good option to use is the printed PVC-coated mesh. This is perfect if you have a large project and construction site that is standing idle and you can use the printed PVC-coated mesh as your fencing solution. And at the same time you can use this as well as your platform in selling your products and services.

Digitally-printed vinyl mesh is better than screen-printed and vinyl-lettered

Banners come in many forms as well. Some of the best-used banners in the industry include the vinyl lettered banners; the screen printed ones, the painted and the digitally printed banners. The vinyl lettered ones can be produced by putting the individual elements that are cut from the self-adhesive vinyl material. The screen printed ones are made by using the screen printing. Colors are laid on the banners one at a time. There are also the painted ones, considered as the cheapest. But the problem with this is that the design quality may be third rate, and the overall message of the banner may be lost in translation.

Of these many options, the digitally-printed PVC-coated mesh or banner is the best choice. In terms of quality and durability, the mesh delivers.  For this banner, the company use water-based and semi or solvent-based ink which adds to the quality of the product. Large format ink-jet printers are often used in making the banner, as compared to other types where the banners are just manually made. Another contributor to the durability and the top quality banner is the inclusion of some features. Some of the leading printed PVC-coated mesh banners like the ones supplied by adpHence are UV-fortified and fire-retardant. This means that their banners can efficiently resist extreme changes in temperature and the weather. Rounding up the quality of this banner is the presence of eyelets and grommets for ease of installation. The grommets are the nickel holes you see on the banner which is used when you need to hang the banner on walls.

Want to spread the word in the best possible way? Time to call adpHence for free quotes on their mesh and printed chain wire fencing. Email and call them at (07) 5571 5711.

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