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If the intention is to get noticed outdoors without having to pay a premium for the services of advertising companies, then printed vinyl signage should be made part of your marketing campaign. Costing less than the other types of advertising signage, the typical use printed vinyl signage is for perimeter fencing and at the same time a canvass for many business owners wanting to benefit from the promotional advantages. What makes printed vinyl signage different from other outdoor signage available on the Gold Coast, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth? The answers lie in the kind of materials used and on the specific features incorporated on the signage.

What materials are used in the printing of the signage?

The most common material used is vinyl or PVC and this material is known as a heavy-duty material ready for the outdoors. The toughness of the material used allows printed vinyl signage to be used outdoors even in extreme weather conditions. The weight of the banner may vary, but it can be expected that the weight of the typical printed vinyl signage will not exceed 22 ounces per yard. Another characteristic of this product is that this can be customised to meet the demands of the consumers. For example, the signage can be used on a small area or in most cases, large areas such as perimeter fencing for project sites and sides of buildings. Printed vinyl signage often features small holes so that wind can easily pass through it preventing tearing.

Why it’s best for advertising purposes?

The main reason as to why printed vinyl signage is a recommended solution is due to its photo-quality finish. The striking visuals provided by this banner equates to improved attention coming from drivers and pedestrians. The extra features that make these banners durable add to the products reputation. adpHence is a leading provider and offers premium vinyl signage that are UV-stabilised and fire-retardant. In short, the vinyl signage is primed for the outdoors. Plus it’s nice to note that this signage has optional eyelets allowing for easy installation.

Now getting noticed has been made easier, thanks to adpHence. So act now by calling adpHence at (07) 5571 5711 to get free estimates and assistance on setting up a cost-effective campaign. Get involved with the leading name in outdoor advertising solutions. Get in touch with adpHence.

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