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Why Use a Printed Shade Cloth for Outdoor Advertising

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When it comes to printed outdoor advertising, there are numerous materials and techniques that you can use. One common material nowadays is the printed shade cloth. A digitally printed shade cloth is a high impact outdoor advertising media, which is low cost as well as giving you a personalized site branding while meeting legal requirements under applicable building codes. The printed shade cloth is also commonly known as scarf mesh, fence fabric, site mesh or fence mesh.

Features and Benefits of a Printed Shade Cloth

  • Presents your brand professionally and consistently.

It provides great exposure to your brand to the passing traffic while creating and enforcing awareness of your product in a professional manner.

  • Material used is specially designed that goes through an eco-friendly manufacturing process.

Printed shade cloth is UV-stabilized with 70% white HDPE knitted monofilament material that allows 30% air passage. The manufacturing process provides a fully recyclable product that is lightweight and semi-transparent, which can be easily attach to permanent or temporary fencing. In addition, the ink used for printing is high quality and won’t easily scratch off.

  • Maintains onsite sediment control and soil erosion, which are legal requirements under building codes.

Its lower wind resistance makes it a great material for scaffolding as well as debris and dust control especially in windy locations.

Customise Your Own Printed Shade Cloth

Personalization is easy if you want to use a printed shade cloth for outdoor advertising. All you need to do is to design your company’s logo (if you don’t have one yet) or you can also add text or images that are relevant to your business. One thing to make sure is to supply your artwork in a correct file format. A rasterized file is low quality compared to a vector artwork. To classify, rasterized artwork have the following file extensions: .jpeg, .gif and .png while vector artwork used .ai or .eps. We can manipulate a vector file better with clean and smooth curves without pixilated edges in your artwork.

If you want to know more information about our printed shade cloth, please visit our website and a local representative will be in touch with you.


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