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The Multiple Ways of Using Shade Cloth

Standard Coverage Shadecloth Deagon

Given how damaging the heat of the sun can be to our own health as well as for plants and animals, people are turning to products such as shade cloth to protect them from the scourging heat of the sun. Shade cloth is extraordinarily versatile when it comes to its purpose. A plethora of types as well as styles depends on its uses. The two types of shade cloth are the woven and the knitted ones. The former is greatly used for agricultural purposes and is less expensive while the latter is used in homes and buildings to shade porches, patios or used as scaffoldings and temporary fencing for construction buildings. This type is more commonly used as an advertising material as well.

Shade Cloth Applications for Homes and Businesses

When you purchase this material, you will be presented with different types as well as different percentages according to its uses and your needs. There are 30% to 90% types with 70% as the most common, which is usually applied in houses for backyard shade especially over a gazebo, deck or pergola. There are varieties that are designed to let light pass through while blocking UV rays, which illuminates the space without the harmful effects. This type is also used as an outdoor advertising material where businesses can have it custom printed with their logos.

Other Useful Applications of a Shade Cloth

Another application that uses shade cloth is for agricultural purposes. It can be installed in the garden or greenhouse to cut down on heat and protect the plants from overexposure to the sun especially in their growing stages.

Apart from the above-mentioned applications, here are some uses of a shade cloth:

  • Used as a privacy screen between two areas of the home.
  • It makes a good changing area for swimming pools or tubs. It also keeps larger leaves off pools.
  • Used to shade outdoor areas such as children’s playground or any outdoor event.
  • Useful as screens for chicken coops, rabbit hutches, dogs, etc. and is great for pond netting.

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