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Use Printed Scaff Mesh for Your Advertising

When you speak of the scaffolding, the common thinking is that this is used in project sites and construction areas as a way to prevent debris from getting out of the site. Others would usually refer to the scaffolding as a structure used to prevent passersby from getting too close to the area or building under repair. And some would say that the scaffolding is used as a support for a given structure. All these preconceptions are true of course. But did you know that there is more to the scaffolding than these simple roles? If you just know how to make use of a bare structure, then you can say that the scaffolding can be used for other creative and profitable means. In some areas, you can discover that the scaffolding is often used as a canvass for printed materials which in turn can be used for advertisements and announcements.

The typical set-up goes like this. The scaffolding will be installed just around the project area, often in the form of wire fencing. After the wire fencing has been installed then that is the time that the printed scaff mesh will be installed on the surface on the fencing. Here advertisements can be printed, and if there are promotions and announcements that should be coordinated to the community then the project heads can easily make that happen by customizing the prints. Or you could use the printed scaff mesh as an income generating project. Instead of using the printed scaff mesh for the project’s purposes, what you can do is to bid out the space for potential advertisers. This will translate to an income stream on a regular basis and at the same time securing the project area. And more importantly this ensures a safer working place for the workers.

Digitally-printed cloth as attachment to the scaffolding

In urban areas, the use of the scaffolding for commercial purposes has been taken seriously. This time around, a more specialized printed scaff mesh is used and this is provided by leading suppliers like adpHence. This printed banner does the same advertising roles plus more. Because the mesh is made for tougher use, you can expect that this banner will come with features that will make it a good addition to the outdoors. The leading ones will be UV-stabilized, and would allow a certain percentage of air passage thus helping limit soil erosion. So don’t just rely on old fabric banners.

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