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Use Printed PVC Vinyl for Your Outdoor Advertising

If you are trying to figure out on how to promote and advertise your products and services and placing ads on the newspapers and cable TV is out of the question, then try checking out a printed PVC vinyl. This is considered by many as one cost-effective solution when dealing with the need to have a good advertising campaign without having to raid the banking account. When you talk of the printed PVC vinyl, this actually refers to the banner belonging to the big family of vinyl banners. As the International Sign Association indicated, the printed vinyl is one low cost form of outdoor advertising. Think of this as a recommendation and suggestion coming from the best practitioners in the field.

Why digitally-printed banners are best

Right now the most popular ones are the digitally printed banners. These are the banners that are considered as the more premium and considered to catch the best attention when installed outdoors. But don’t worry; still these banners cost less if compared to other pricey advertising solutions like placing ads on cable TV. These banners are digitally printed using state of the art large ink jet printers. These printers that are used by makers can print banners of different sizes- from a few meters to the boards that can be installed on big project sites. For the printed PVC vinyl banners that can be used for advertising purposes, the material used is the heavy vinyl which is known in the market as the PVC. When printing, many makers make use of the water-based ink and the ink is considered as solvent-based. Depending on the actual provider of the banners, you may get banners that are UV-curable. This is a necessary feature if you want to extend the lifespan of the banners. Banners with this feature are known to resist changes in the weather better. Other features may be incorporated depending on the actual needs of the client. For example, one leading vinyl banner is known to be fire-retardant thus adding to the toughness of the material.

In terms of weight, most banners will weigh as little as 9 ounces to 22 ounces per square yard. If you decide that the printed PVC vinyl is for you, then you don’t have to worry about installing the banners. Each banner will often come with eyelets, hemming and rope edges. Thanks to these finishing touches, installing banners will be easier.

If the intent is to promote aggressively outdoors, then you should consider adpHence. Call them at (07) 5571 5711 for free quotations or email them for other details on their product lines like printed chain wire fencing.

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