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What Can be Printed on a Printed Mesh Banner

Printed mesh banner is a great material for all your advertising or fencing needs. It has a wide range of advantages over other types of materials, due mainly to its strong construction and to the fact that it lends itself to a wide array of print types. If you’re considering this material for your specific needs, business or otherwise, but are not sure whether your needed print can be ideally paired with this material type, then you’ll be glad to know that it accommodates almost every kind of project or printing type that you may need.

Below are some of the things that you can do and some of the things that you can print on a printed mesh banner:

Advertising Graphics and Texts

Whether it’s a plain statement about your company or graphics showing an advertisement, you can rely on the said material to accommodate that. If you are converting an area to a commercial center, for instance, you can employ this as temporary fencing to cover the area while it is being fixed, all while advertising your new establishment.


Because of its ideal use outdoors, you can place this outside of your company building with the logo of your company. Unlike other materials, you won’t have any problem with wind causing damage on the printed mesh banner because it’s designed to withstand such.

Digital Prints

Generally, this material can accommodate any digital print. Using UV inks that can withstand fading and damage caused by constant exposure to sun and rain, you can expect the print on the material to last for a very long time.

Stage backdrops

Yes, this material is best used outdoors. But, it can also be employed indoors. Other than advertising and fencing, it is also great for use as stage backdrop. As long as the solvent and ink used in printing the images or text in the material are of good quality, you can expect a good result.

Double-Sided Prints

You may not believe that, but a printed mesh banner can actually accommodate prints on both sides. So, if you have needs that require the use of images on a material side by side, then you can also go for this one. You get double benefits plus total durability.

So, are you finally convinced about the wide applications by which the said material can be used? If you are, it’s time you try looking for a good provider that can meet all your needs. AdpHence is one provider, and you can reach them at (07) 5571 5711. For advertising banner needs and free quotes, this is the provider to ask.

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