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Printed Banner Mesh

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Printed Banner Mesh is a great solution for outdoor advertising. The features of printing in PVC banners make it a suitable choice for large format printing. The elements of the banner design such as the text and images are rendered in high resolution because printed banner mesh can hold more ink. Even when viewed at a great distance, the design is stunning and vivid. Apart from that, the entire surface can be printed; hence, maximizing the spaces of your banner. Printed banner mesh is perfect for outdoor postings even in strong weather conditions. Compared to shade cloth, printing in PVC coated material can withstand strong winds and resist damage from fire. It is durable and yet it is lightweight. Banner Mesh can outlast Shade Cloth if you’re requiring a product that is long lasting.

Creating Your Artwork

Choose a design that is relevant to the company/product being promoted. Images must be of high quality so that it comes out clear when printed in large format. There are no limitations in regards to artwork for printing on Banner Mesh.

If you are looking for a specialist in Banner Mesh printing, check out the services of Adphence. The material used lets wind to pass through it, which makes it resistant to windy areas. It is also UV-stabilized and fire retardant so the quality of the banner stays intact for a longer period of time.

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