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Print Advertising vs. Online Advertising – What’s better

The reach of internet is never in doubt which makes the task of communicating to geographically separated regions easy. Businesses always look for easy communication tools as it is dynamic with ever changing situations. Print media is a traditional and time trusted method of advertising globally which is acknowledged by any advertiser. However online advertising has come to stay with its inherent benefits and people are asking themselves whether to discontinue print ads.  But this is tricky and the answer is not in favor of any particular mode with each one having its own benefits that may not be possible with the other. The following points can help us understand where these two stand when compared to each other.

  • Print advertising has got the great advantage of furnishing complete information with all features of the product. Color brochures and hand outs are useful to convey the information required effortlessly. In online advertising we see concise information where space is given priority over matter but its reach and time saving is hard to beat.
  • You can send any number of e-mails but it is not equal to a postcard or letter. People always cherish the receipt of letters even from advertisers.
  • If you want to target neighborhoods and certain regions important to your product, brochure and post card marketing is ideal to reach out to the customers. This ensures targeting all the customers without leaving out any one. On the other hand all the people in that region may not necessarily use computers daily and your mail message may not be seen at all.
  • You can follow up a customer with a colorful brochure that is appealing. Personal contact with brochures is extremely helpful in clinching sales as people recognize the importance given to them.
  • Both print and online advertising can be used simultaneously to compliment each other. This is the best method to get the desired results.

The above facts clearly point out they cannot be used exclusively and a combination of them provides the best benefits for your business.

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