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Penalties of Soil Erosion on a Construction Site

Is there a valid reason for you to get concerned about a project site? Well if you value the direction and the profitability of your project site and would want to preserve the good will of the host community, then you must consider soil erosion as a legitimate issue. Here’s a little background about soil erosion. As defined, erosion of the soil will refer to the detachment and the movement of the soil particles in the project site and this is often facilitated by wind and water. In many communities, ice can also facilitate the unwanted transfer movement of the soil. A little movement of the soil in your project site may be negligible. But when the erosion has become too regular, then this should be a cause for alarm and should motivate you to move to action. There are many penalties and issues associated with soil erosion, and you should be aware of these. Listed below are some of the effects to the project site and the host communities if the erosion is not properly attended to.

Erosion can affect the surface water quality

Based on experience, the quality of surface water may be affected by soil erosion. Also it should also be worth noting that the chemicals and other trace metals can also be transported along with the sediments to streams near the project site and host communities. And in the long run this can have adverse impact on the aquatic resources of the areas.

Long-term erosion can promote flooding and other construction costs

When there is a run-off of sediments, it is expected that the sediments are transported to streams and other areas. These sediments will accumulate over time, and in the process can promote flooding. It is good to note as well that uncontrolled soil erosion can have an impact on the costs related to construction. The higher the rate of erosion, the higher the construction cost. The moment the sediments are uncontrolled, these can deposit in a number of areas, including drainage channels and other basins. Now this will eventually require a number of maintenance works thus increasing the amount of construction costs. And of course who can forget the penalties that can be imposed by government agencies on companies that fail to reduce and manage soil erosion?

Soil erosion is a serious problem, and that is why it’s recommended to call up providers of erosion solutions like adpHence. By calling adpHence, you get free quotes and estimates plus you get tried and tested banners and fences. Avoid penalties now, and call them at (07) 5571 5711 now!

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