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A company logo is not just another image or any other image – it is what your audience will recognise you buy. For example: when people see a bitten apple, they immediately relate to Apple Mac or when someone sees the vector swoosh, they immediately recognize Nike. These are great brands and behind every brand is the logo. The logo is like the face of the company; it defines the brand and becomes the entire image of a company. There are more people who will recall the brand Nike upon seeing the vector swoosh. This is the kind of impact that a logo can have on your business. This is also the reason why your outdoor advertisements should have the company logo.

You can display your logo as well as promote business through different type’s outdoor advertising – all of which are prominent and effective mediums of advertising. Some of them can be more effective than the other. For example: building wraps are one of the most effective modes of advertising based on the amount of impact it has. Building wraps can be huge and having your company or business logo on a building wrap means that you will be able to reach out to a huge audience. This of course depends on the location too. A strategic location like the Sydney Harbor or Times Square can bring more than just desired results and will stand out. It will ensure that people or your audience not only gets to see your larger-than-life logo but they will be able to retain it in their memory. That’s the important part – memory retention!

The most important thing is that your logo sums up for your business and you need to take into account the fact that your logo should not come out as confusing, abstract or incomprehensible. If you are looking to create an impact with your target audience then your logo should provide a clear picture of your business and products.

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