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Limit Soil Erosion & Enjoy the Benefits with Construction Fencing

Just how serious is soil erosion? If you are going to take the words of the US Department of Agriculture, then you will you know that unwanted soil erosion costs the industry more than one billion tons of top soil every year. That is one billion tons of top soil removed from the site, and transferred to other areas like bodies of water. The effect is not just felt by the owner of the project and construction site. The eroded top soil can also impact waterways and other nearby properties. Simply put, soil erosion is one serious business. And as a serious industry player and with green aspirations, it is important to do your own small share of limiting soil erosion in the best possible way.

So how can you limit soil erosion? There are a number of ways on how to make that happen, and a number of construction tools to use like construction fencing. But first, it is important to understand the main agents of soil erosion. From there, it would be easy to use man-made structures like construction fencing. As everyone knows, the main agents for soil erosion are wind and water. It is understood that water tends to run downhill. And water can also runs uphill if the volume of the water in the area moves the water up into higher ground. With these things in mind, proper planning should come into the picture. The intent is to slow down the movement of water in order to limit soil erosion. A structure like fencing will do the trick for this.

Also, the construction fencing can be best used as well when limiting the effects of wind on a certain construction area. Strong winds can blow off some of the top soil, and the soil can be carried over to nearby areas. Now, the effect of strong winds can be most evident during dry and the summer months. The construction fencing can come into the picture since it secures the whole perimeter of the project site. Think of the fencing as a windbreaker, thus limiting whatever impact strong winds can offer to the construction site. In order for the fence to be truly efficient, it is important that the material used should be properly selected. The best fencing options available allow for limited air passage percentage, say 30 percent air passage. And because the area has been secured, sediments are controlled within the designated area.

Don’t delay when it comes to soil erosion prevention efforts. Call up adpHence for help and free estimates on fencing and printed chain wire fencing needs.

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