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The Impact Outdoor Advertising Can Have On Your Business.


Think about a local retail shop for a moment.  If you own a coffeehouse, for example, spending money on inventory is easy.  You can’t sell what you don’t have, so maintaining sufficient food and supplies is a necessity.  Advertising is on another level altogether.  Advertising can be pricey, and business owners might think that they can afford to go on a while without spending their hard-earned cash on advertising.  That’s faulty thinking!  If your business is your bread and butter, it’s important to let others know that it exists and to entice them to visit.  Boosting your brand is a must, but there are many ways to accomplish that goal.

Adopting an outdoor advertising strategy is one of the most impactful and cost-effective ways to let others know about your business.  It offers continual exposure and encourages brand loyalty.  Your message is available 24/7, so if they miss your sign one day, they can see it the next.  Advertising Outdoors can be targeted to reach specific audiences by location.  They are attractive, highly visible and can be placed in high traffic areas.

Outdoor Advertising includes the use of Shadelcoth, Bannermesh, Vinyl, Billboards, Banners and much more.  While it has been around for a long time, technological advancements have really helped this form of advertising shine.  The ability to use computers to create eye-catching, robust and reusable signs is amazing.  Turn around is fast and cost is low.  In fact, cost remains a big reason to consider using outdoor advertising.  It’s 80% less expensive than TV, 60% less than newspapers and 50% less than radio, says the outdoor advertising Association of Australia (OAM).  These savings can be used to help your business in other ways.

If you seek to expand your reach, but do not have a lot of money in your advertising budget, think about using outdoor banners/signs.  The benefits are proven and costs are affordable.  The key is to partner with a company who specializes in outdoor advertising products.  They will help you pinpoint the products/materials that are best suited to your needs, and will deliver high-quality results.

To learn more about Outdoor Advertising and our amazing service, contact Adphence.  We will help you create amazing artwork along with a free quote to promote brand awareness. Why not give us a call on 1300 765 767 to set your mind at ease that with Adphence we can help your business improve tenfold.

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