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Digitally Printed Shade Cloth advertising

Advertisers and entrepreneurs in Australia should take note; when it comes to event promotions or simple product introductions cable Television advertisement spots are just the start. There’s more to advertising than this costly advertising placements. You can also rely on outdoor advertising in your efforts to promote events, products and services in Australian cities like the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth & Adelaide.

When it comes to outdoor adverting for businesses in these areas, a number of options are provided for. And each of these advertising options has its own pros and cons. A listing of these outdoor advertising options will include digitally printed shade cloth. This is highly recommended for project heads and supervisors wanting to have that perfect fencing solution to an existing project site. And the good thing is that the canvass can be printed with advertisements as well thus allowing the use of the digitally printed shade cloth for advertising purposes.

Screen printing the shade cloth

In order to come up with picture-quality prints on the digitally printed shade cloth, most manufacturers in Australia make use of screen printing. When it comes to this process, only specialised ink is used and this adds up to the photo-quality finish of the shade cloth. Also, most of the materials used for printing are known to make use of HDPE so the end result is a shade cloth that can be used outdoors. And this results to a shade cloth that can easily withstand the elements. The percentage of the HDPE material will vary depending on the provider. As one of the leading suppliers, adpHence use material that is 70 percent HDPE. This kind of composition thus allows for 30 percent air passage. This will then prove helpful in managing the effects of soil erosion since the banners can serve as a windbreaker. With limited amount of air that can pass through, it would be easier to comply with building codes as sediment dispersion can be best managed.

As mentioned, the role of the digitally printed shade cloth as a perimeter fence is just the start. Companies and sites Australia wide including Perth, Brisbane and Gold Coast that are using adpHence banners as colorful canvass for product and event announcements. Thanks to the use of quality ink, prints will not easily fade out and ink will not scratch off.

Want a creative and colorful way of promoting products? Check what adpHence has to offer by dialing (07) 5571 5711. Get details and free estimates on their digitally printed shade cloth and other banners now.

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