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Digitally Printed Hoarding – A great Advertising Option

Digitally printed hoardings are the requirement of the day as they take care of two of the most important aspects of mass advertising: High visibility and durability. Outdoor advertising has changed over the years and due to advancement of technology, we see a shift from simple printed hoarding and billboards to digitally printed shade cloth and fences. Of course, different mediums of advertising have to be used depending on their usage. Now the best form of outdoor advertising your brand on a speedway will be a billboard, which is visible from a distance. On the other hand, the best form of outdoor advertising for an event being held in a park situated in the center of the city, will be a digitally printed shade cloth or a fence wrap.

There has been an increase in outdoor events off late, like music events or rock concerts, book fairs, cultural events, sport events, and corporate events etc. The best way to advertise in these events is by using digitally printed hoardings on a shade cloth that can vary in size and color. This is one of the reasons why it is being considered as a great advertising option.

The second most important benefit that you will derive out of using digitally printed hoardings like fence wraps is that the printing can be seen on both sides i.e the front and the back of the fence wrap. This means that more people will be able to see the advertisement – those who are on the outside and those who are within the fenced area.

The third reason for fence wraps being a great advertising option is that fence wraps are water resistant and have built-in protection for different weathers. So when text and images are digitally printed on the cloth, they will not fade away due to heavy rains or bright sunlight.

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