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Digital Printing, What is it & What’s my Options

This is the age of digital printing. With state-of-the-art equipments available, printing has never been easier. Earlier, offset printers were used for printing but now you can transfer an advertisement right from your computer to a printer. Digital printing can be used for creating magazine advertisements, flyers, banners, hoardings, vinyl signage, billboards, building wraps, and fence wraps.

Digital printing is described as a process of transferring any document from your personal computer or from any other digital storage device to the printing substrate using a device that can accept graphics as well as texts. Digital printing has started to replace lithography in several global markets like the US, UK, Australia, Singapore, Canada etc. Digital printing is being used at both the corporate or business and consumer levels. The popularity of this medium has increased due to lower production costs. The different printers used for digital printing include:

  • Multifunction Peripheral
  • Inkjet Printer
  • Laser Printer

Here are some of the benefits that you can derive from digital printing:

  1. Each of the impressions made on paper will be different if you choose to make it so using digital printing. This is not possible with the standard offset printing, which makes thousands of impressions of a particular image using a single set of printing plates.
  2. The Ink or the toner used in this will not absorb into the digital printing substrate like it happens for conventional ink. It will instead form a layer right on the surface, which can be fused into the substrate with the help of an inline fuser fluid.
  3. It will normally require much less waste like chemicals and paper used.
  4. It is excellent for huge quantity as it is cost effective and will give brighter colors.

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