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Designing your own Advertisement? What you need to know!

Designing an advertisement is not like walk in the park – there are several factors that need to be considered and you will have to first start with a strategy. If you are planning to design your own advertisement then here are some tips:

Strategy: You need to have a strategy in place for designing. The elements that you will need to consider include the product or service that you want to advertise about; the target audience or the age group; and the edge that your product has over your competitor.

Concept: Concept is very important. If you don’t have a concept in place then your advertisement will run out of steam soon. A concept is like a story that will tell the viewer more about your product in a subtle way.

Design: Firstly you need to have some good creative thinkers on board who can think out of the box. Creativity is important because it created curiosity in the viewer leading to an increase in the brand visibility. The design of an advertisement should start from the thinking phase but it should also take into consideration the entire strategy. Some of the design elements that you should focus on include the font, the font size sued for different texts and the tagline, the size of the logo, placement of the logo, colors used in the advertisement, images and the message. The position of the message should be such that it should not get hidden under the image – it should be clear.

Mediums: Advertising medium is important. For example: a billboard or a building wrap can make a lot more impact than a small flier. So you need to make the design on the basis of the medium you will be using.

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