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Custom Design Your Construction Shade Cloth

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Shade Cloth is used across the world for a variety of reasons.  It is used extensively to drape over greenhouses especially during the hot months.  It’s also used around tennis courts, outdoor dining areas and construction sites.  Why?  Because we need to be protected!  Shade cloth shields us from wind and dust and other elements that the harsh Australian environment likes to bless us with.  Shade cloth is a commercial product that is typically made of woven polyester or aluminum.  It comes in various degrees of shade (densities from 5% to 95%).


Construction sites are the perfect application for Shade cloth.  Shade cloth is breathable.  It allows air to flow so that the site isn’t trapped in heat, while also protecting it from debris and dust.  Construction cloth can be custom-built, and the entire perimeter of the site can be covered, offering owners a wide variety of outdoor advertising options.  Attractive, affordable Shade cloth is the perfect way to buffer a site while also promoting businesses or services. This temporary barrier gives owners the opportunity to earn extra income during the entirety of while construction takes place!

You can have the ability to print not only your logo with phone numbers and web addresses but you can also have detailed graphics printed.  Certain colours appear 20% faded due to the cloth being a woven fabric.


There are other options, of courseVinyl banners and Banner mesh can be used, but they don’t let the air flow as easily and they’re heavier.  Not only does Shade cloth aid in cooling a site, but they’re often biodegradable and reusable.  Printable Shade cloth is strong, striking and constantly “on”.  The advertising is available day and night.


To learn more about printed Shade cloth, contact AdpHence.  We will help you create amazing artwork along with a FREE QUOTE.  Our high-quality signs will increase brand awareness.  Feel free to call us for a free quote at 1300-765-767.  You can also visit us online at AdpHenceLet us help you keep your business growing.

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