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What are my Construction Signage Options?

There was a time when for every construction site, the only way to ensure the safety is to place yard signs and barbed wires. Or for advanced project sites, the only evidence of a construction project is the construction trailer. Or worse, only heavy equipment and earth-moving units are available onsite that suggest an on-going construction. But thanks to innovation and the need for safety, there is now a wide array of choices when it comes to your construction signage. And majority of the signage options available do not only secure the project site; some of the best ones are creative in a sense that the signs are used for promotional purposes as well.

Dual use of the latest options in signage

The newer versions of the signage that can be installed on the project sites are designed to promote the on-going construction. The signs serve as a platform for the developer to announce to the communities and other stakeholders about the benefits and the advantages of the newest property development in the block. Currently some of the more popular signage used in construction and project sites include the trailer and the building wraps. As the name suggests, the signage cover the whole of the construction trailer and the building. Some organizations also provide graphics for the trailer and the vehicle announcing the details of the on-going project.

Digitally-printed shade cloth for the perimeter

But if the construction project is still in its initial phase and the intent is to secure the perimeter, one cost-effective choice is a digitally-printed shade cloth. This is one signage-fits-all solution that can be adopted by any contractor or project developer. Aside from the fact that this construction signage secures the construction site perimeter, this can be used as well for custom advertising. Here, property developers can include the name of the project development and other pertinent details. And on a more technical side, this construction signage can be used to meet building code requirements relevant to the area. For example, maintaining dust control or preventing soil erosion. And there is no need to worry about the message being lost in translation since most outdoor construction signage makes use of ink that will not blot or scratch. Using slick and improved signage pieces for construction site is now the benchmark in the industry. And the good news is that there are a number of options that could help form a more holistic property development.

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