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Building Wraps Advertising- Unique, But Does it Work?

If you are an urbanite, then chances are you already come across a building draped with advertising banner. This is often seen in tall buildings in the city center. The building stands proud, and from afar product announcements can be seen. Some of the products and services that are often printed and carried by this new advertising medium are for mobile phones, new tech gadgets and for clothes. This is what they call in the industry as a building wrap– an advertising banner that is fitted and placed around the building. If used and fitted the right way, this can be considered as one of the best advertising medium that can be used in the urban areas. Expect the building wrap to effectively supports the brand position and at the same time heighten the advertising message of one company.

Building wraps will work if fitted and placed on the right location

If you think that this is the best advertising medium for your business, then you have to keep in mind that there are two ways on how to find the best space for that building wrap. One option can be your existing real estate property. The higher the property the better since this will offer a better reach to the pedestrians. If this is a problem, then the organization can always rent out a space. Now depending on the design, the size and the location of the building wrap this advertising tool can be seen a few kilometers from the site.

If you want to go overboard in delivering the message, then the building wrap can be accented by LED video screens. Once the combo has been finalized, then what you have in hand is media fa├žade in front of the building. Though this will look colorful and elegant, the problem with this is that the pedestrians may find the medium too messy and the advertising message may be lost. Plus, this can cost a lot. If this is an issue, then there are far simpler wraps that can be used for buildings. These wraps may not feature the LED signs but you can expect that some of the wraps offer more important features. For example, one leading commercial building wrap is known to be fire-retardant, UV-stabilized and has an anti-fungal finish. The result is an advertising wrap that spreads the word but also a tool that can lasts for years.

So work on your next advertising star by coordinating with adpHence by calling (07) 5571 5711 or by emailing them. They offer not just assistance but free quotes on their product lines like wraps and wire fencing.

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