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Building wrap Advertising

For those wanting to take advertising in Australia to the next level, then a check with building wrap advertising should prove to be a good move. This is not your regular outdoor sign that is simply hanged or plastered in front of the property. As the name suggests, building wrap advertising involves wrapping the building with the banner. Think of the banner as the ‘skin’ for the building, thus creatively promoting products and services. For business owners in Sydney, Melbourne and on the Gold Coast wanting to put ‘life’ into their lagging advertising campaign, then the use of the building wraps will serve as a good option.

How to look for buildings to host building wraps

In order to make this happen, business owners wanting to take advantage of building wrap advertising should search for the perfect building where the banners can be hosted. There are two ways to make this happen. You could settle with your own building, if you have one. Or if not you can always look for a building that can host the signs. The best building for this kind of advertising campaign is the one that is strategically located in the city center, like Perth or Brisbane CDB that will tower from other buildings in the block. Pedestrians and drivers from two or three blocks from the site can easily notice the creatively reconstructed building, and the added attention on the building bodes well for the building wrap advertising.

The key is to choose a reliable provider that can offer the most durable skin and building wraps. But this should be the least of the consumers’ concern since Australia plays host to competent providers of building wrap advertising products like adpHence. adpHence are leading providers and take extra effort in making sure that the building wraps are primed for the outdoors. Most of these banners use extra-durable materials, like premium PVC-coated materials. These are UV-stabilised and fire-retardant as well making the banners perfect answers for the outdoor advertising campaign. Building wrap advertising is a unique way of selling products and services, and a suggested way to promote and announce events.

Be creative; call adpHence at (07) 5571 5711 to get quotes on the wraps and related products. Remember, being creative will set your business apart from the rest so get adpHence for assistance.

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