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Benefits Of Billboard Advertising

A long distance runner, Billboard advertising has existed since 1835 when posters were being made for a US Circus group and the rest is history. From famous brands like Marlboro Cigarettes to Calvin Klein, Billboard advertising has revolutionized outdoor advertising industry across the globe. The impact of billboards however is dependent on its placement and hence you will find most of them on the national highway routes, car parks, and shopping centers in Australia. These are the places that witness a high influx of people and more views. Therefore, if your ads are placed on such Billboard locations, you’re bound to get higher visibility and create memorable impressions.

There are four main types of billboards and they are:

  1. Traditional billboards: The standard size is 14’x 48′ (height x width) and advertisements are printed on flexible PVC vinyl sheet
  2. Mechanical billboards: They are also known as multi-message billboards or tri-vision billboards. You can show a maximum of 30 images per side.
  3. Digital billboards: The new and modern form of billboards they enable multiple static advertisements to rotate. They are integrated with LED technology.
  4. Mobile billboards: These billboards are normally mounted on trucks or other vehicles depending on its size and are integrated with LED technology.

If the question is of why you should opt for Billboard advertising, then there are several benefits that may attract you and some of them are:

  1. Billboard advertising offers high visibility and can attract potential customers.
  2. It is still considered to be a very cost-effective method of advertising
  3. Billboard advertising can help in creating brand awareness and build brand value
  4. You can create creative and colorful ads to get more attention
  5. Using one billboard advertisement placed in a central location, you can reach out to hundreds and thousands of people every day. You can also have location specific billboard advertisements depending on your target audience.

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