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What is Banner Mesh and How can it Help my Advertising Campaign

If you ask the typical marketer about some of the best outdoor advertising media that can be used for product and event announcements, chances are the banner mesh will crop up on the list. This should not come as a surprise since the banner mesh has been proven to offer advertising solutions at a lesser cost. Instead of paying hundreds and thousands of dollars on Television placements, marketers can make use of these banners in order to spread the word about an upcoming product or event.

Banner mesh basics

It doesn’t mean though that these banners are your one-stop solution when it comes to advertising and promotions. These media have their limitations as well. Its reach is not comparable to what TV ad placements can offer. But given the right design, planning and positioning these banners can also add to the bottom line of the organization. There are a number of ways on how to use these banners. For most practitioners in the field, these banners are fitted on the sides of a portable stand or group of seats. And these are designed to act as a windbreaker and at the same time spread the word about the event to the entrants. Some would use the banner mesh as a wrap-around cover for the perimeter of the event site. This works two ways for the organizers- the mesh can regulate the entrance and exit of the participants and at the same time the mesh can be digitally printed with advertisements promoting the product or the event.

Quality-wise, banners can withstand the test of the elements

Some of the leading banners made for commercial use are often made from vinyl, and some are coated with PVC. These banners would normally incorporate tiny holes, and the intent of these holes is to allow a limited amount of air to pass through it. In the long run, this feature will prove helpful in regulating soil erosion and in complying with building code requirements. And if you are lucky, you will find suppliers that can offer banners that are UV-stabilized and fire-retardant. These features allow for a long-term use of the banners. For site-wide advertisements and event launches, the use of these banners is suggested. Participants and consumers can be immediately informed about incoming product launches and events. And during the actual event itself, these banners can act as perimeter fence and a mouthpiece to highlight the launches.

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