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Is less really more when it comes to Advertising

There is no doubt that any form of advertising creates brand awareness and helps the marketing plan efficiently. However all the advertisers like you face a piquant situation on the frequency of the ads and on how and when to curtail them either to cut down the expenses or if you feel they have done their work. Here we shall have a look on the factors surrounding advertising needs which can be suitably applied to your product or service.

Factor # 1:
It is a thumb rule in the advertising industry that higher frequencies result in higher sales and brand recall. However you can alter them depending on your requirement of your product. If your product is newly introduced into the market it requires high frequency ads and if the product is old enough with good image, then a less frequent and time bound approach would be useful. You should also know that advertising must never cease in the product’s life cycle.

Factor # 2:

The placement of ads due to the product segment it is in also makes a difference to the awareness and recall of the product. If your product is used by people who most probably do not read newspapers, then there is no use of advertising in newspapers. This is true in case of skilled artisans and workers who prefer to get their information from their trade magazines. This type of target marketing is essential to provide the information of the product which may not be possible by normal mode of advertising.

Factor # 3:
The product life cycle must be considered to decide on the frequency of the advertising. Products which are in the later stages of their life cycle require frequent advertising props to revive and this helps to achieve the earlier status in terms of sales and performance.

Factor # 4:
Well established brands require less frequent advertising as they are generally preferred over other brands due to their performance and durability. Mass consumption products can be advertised on any platform as they are directed towards the general category where differentiation is not necessary.

These factors must be kept in mind while deciding on the ad frequency which decides the success graph of your ad campaign.

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