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Advertising Slogans, how effective are they

The success of any advertising campaign conducted by an individual or company depends on the effectiveness of the slogans used in the campaign. Advertising slogans must initiate the viewers to take immediate call on the product. This initial reaction must be enlisted from the viewers to term any advertising campaign a success. Here we present some insights on advertising slogans and their design to capture the attention of the viewers.

Feature# 1:
You must design a slogan that leaves an indelible impression on the viewer. At first instance it should catch the attention and act as an incentive to try or know about the product advertised.

Feature # 2:
The slogan must be memorable with the capacity to be able to be recalled by your viewers. This increases the brand awareness and plays in the sub conscious mind always. This motivates the viewer to go for the product.

Feature # 3:
The advertising slogan must compliment your overall business idea and must include the key benefits that are available with the product advertised. This sends a positive message about the product and increases the inclination of the viewers towards the product.

Feature # 4:
The slogan must be able to differentiate your brand name from those of the competitors and provide a distinct aura about your product. This aids brand recall at the time of purchase by the customers and instant recall boosts the sales considerably.

Feature # 5:
The ad slogan works well if used in conjunction with your brand name. This increases the popularity of your brand and people will remember the slogan for the sheer sense of rhyming included in the slogan.

Feature # 6:
The slogan must be prepared in such a way that it cannot be used by your competitors for their advantage. This helps to create a unique slogan that will remain etched in the minds of your customers.

If the advertising slogans are designed keeping the above points in mind, you can sit assured on the effectiveness of your advertising campaign.

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