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Advertising – Most Common Materials Used in Advertising

The importance of advertising can never be underestimated and must be given its due in supplementing the marketing activities of your business. There are numerous materials used for advertising of which some are highlighted here for information. The selection of the advertising material depends on your choice and a cost effective material provides lasting benefits to your organization.

Type # 1:
Paper is widely used to distribute hand outs and pamphlets with glossy printing highlighting the essential benefits of the product advertised. Newspapers are also used effectively to reach all corners and all classes of customers. Similarly magazines and trade journals also help to communicate with the targeted customers. Print media has got the advantage of wide reach and a time tested method of market penetration.

Type # 2:
PVC and Cloth banners are also used extensively for promoting your products. Banners installed at vantage points and at important focal points with high traffic density elicit high response rates from the viewers.

Type # 3:
Screen printed fabric material and surfaces have a long lasting nature which is extremely cost effective due to nominal recurring expenses. They can also be made available with fluorescent inks that are visible even during nights. These materials perform their task round the clock without having to depend on any external help once installed in their chosen locations.

Type # 4:
Fences made from metal, plastic, wood and polypropylene yarns can be conveniently used to display business logos and messages. Fences erected at construction sites, airports and other landmarks act as protection from animals and theft. These large fences are suitable to advertise which catches the attention of all the viewers visiting or going through the place of construction.

Type # 5:
Outdoor billboards made of wood or plastic sheets are useful to prominently advertise which are visible from a distance. They can be illuminated to perform even during nights.

You can choose any mode of advertising that is beneficial to your business but caution must be exercised in the quality of materials used in the ad campaign.

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