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Advertise with Fence Wraps

Fence wraps are considered to be a reliable form of commercial outdoor advertising especially for construction sites. But most importantly, fence wraps can be used just about anywhere from a playing field to an event arena and even at the venue of mega-music events, competitions and other related activities. One of the all important aspects of advertising with fence wraps is that you can get to advertise on an area of 10m to 1mile. The fencing can be straight or in a circle, rectangle or square. You can advertise your logo, name of the company, dates for the event and any type of image. Fence wraps have been quite popular in winter Olympics and World Rally Championships.

Here are some of the reasons why fence wraps are considered a great medium for outdoor advertising:

  1. Fabric: The fabric for fence wraps is made from a material called polystretch, which is light and durable. The fabric allows printing and ensures that there is 50% wind flow, which means that there will be less of the total wind load on the fence. You can have images or the logo of your company through printed all the way to the back of the fabric.
  2. Installation: being lightweight, it is easy to install the fence wraps. It will weigh around 115 grams/m in a square arena and hence securing it is easy.
  3. Cost: The cost difference between printed cloth and printed fence wraps is very less and hence it is being considered as an economical medium of outdoor advertising.
  4. Advertising: The fence wraps can create high visibility as they can be put up everywhere.  So people can see the advertisements from the inside as well as the outside.
  5. Size: The size and length of the fence wraps can be customized according to the requirement. You can have 3feet crowd barriers to 15feet stage backdrops.

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