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Advantages of Vinyl Printing & Signage

There are several advantages of vinyl printing and signage when it comes to creating visibility for a brand. This is an outdoor advertising medium and is preferred by many due to the low cost of production and durability. Vinyl signage can be used on billboard, all sizes of outdoor advertisement banners and hoardings. Here are some of the advantages why vinyl signage is being used more commonly across the world and in Australia:

Durability: Vinyl has both thickness and strength and hence it can last for a longer duration as opposed to many other materials used in outdoor advertising. It has a high amount of flexibility and it will not wither away in different weather condition like torrential rains, wind, and snow. Since vinyl is water resistant, the water will not wash away the colors or seep into the vinyl sheet. Another aspect is that most printing companies across the world use UV protected ink on vinyl signage, which provides protection from the UV rays.

Size: Vinyl signage is available in several sizes and you can get them printed in increments of 0.5 inch. Some of the popular sizes include 2’x6′, 3×8, 3×10, 4’x8′, 4′ x 20′ and much more.

Printing and cost: With enhancement of technology, vinyl signage is being digitally printed. This process of digitally printing a vinyl signage is faster, cost effective, convenient and more than anything else offers you great results. This also ensures that the vinyl signage can be shipped to any corner of the world without the printing getting damaged.

Visibility: A vinyl signage placed in the right location will provide high visibility. This is because of its placement, size and the true life-like colors of digital printing. As a result, it is going to attract more people and create high brand visibility.

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