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2014: Digital Outdoor Advertising

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Outdoor advertising has been dated back a thousand years ago with Egyptians employing high stone obelisks to publish their laws and treaties. It is undeniable that during those days, outdoor advertising is already evident and present in most areas. However, in this century, we don’t use stones anymore, as there is a plethora of advertising materials and methods that we can use to let our message be conveyed to our target audience. Now, we engaged in Digital Outdoor Advertising.

Technological Advancements in Digital Outdoor Advertising

Digital outdoor advertising is constantly changing as technology advances. The following are technological advancements that made its evolution a break through:

  • New hardware and software tools in creating and printing advertising designs. Designers are not limited to applications such as Photoshop, Illustrator or Flash anymore. There are new tools that they can use to create designs that will capture the audience that the ad was intended for. Apart from the software side, there are new industrial printers that can handle wide format printing as well as carry several designs in a short amount of time.
  • A wide variety of where the digital outdoor advertising material can be placed. Have you ever gone to a place without any advertising material hanging on buildings? We have billboards all around us. Another advancement is transit advertising. These are ads posted in places such as train stations, airports, seaports and bus stations as well as directly on transportation media such as buses, trains, taxis and more.
  • A plethora of advertising materials. Compared to a thousand years ago, we are not limited to stones, paper or textile anymore. We now have vinyl, PVC vinyl, various fabrics, as well as weatherproof boards for billboards, banner mesh, printed shade cloth and a whole lot more.

No matter how digital outdoor advertising is evolving, as long as it plays a key role in a company’s success, it will continue to advance to meet everyone’s advertising needs.

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